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Single: $39.00

Married: $49.00

Estate Planning Client Information

Estate Planning Client Information

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We can only serve persons who live in the State of Michigan.

We can only serve persons who live in the State of Michigan.

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People to manage your finances for you.

There may come a day when you are not able to manage your finances on your own.  You could lose the ability to manage your own finances because of mental incapacity (alzheimer's or dementia) or because of physical incapacity.  Or you may simply need someone to be able to sign documents for you or assist in financial transactions because you will not be available to do it yourself.

The people you name are called: "Agent Under Power of Attorney for Financial Matters."  They can be given the authority to act for you immediately or only if you are mentally or physically incapable of acting on your own.  If you choose to have the Power of Attorney become effective only upon your incapacity, two doctors or the court will have to determine that you are incapacitated before authority is granted.

You can revoke a Power of Attorney at any time, as long as you are competent to do so.

First Financial Agent

Second Financial Agent

Third Financial Agent

Fourth Financial Agent

Generally, four financial agents is plenty.  If you would really like to name more than four financial agents, let us know.  We will be happy to name as many as you like.

Delivery and Signing Documents

You have several options for the delivery of the documents and the signing of the documents.   Email delivery and instructions for signing the documents at home are included with every estate plan.

If you would like to have our office print and send the documents to you, we will happily do that at an additional fee.  We can mail the documents to you for $29.00 and have them sent by FedEx for $39.00.



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