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TA Deed

TA Deed

There are three (3) different types of deeds we can prepare for you using this form.  Each is used for a different purpose.

QUIT CLAIM DEED:  A quit claim deed is used to correct problems or questions about who owns property (flaws in the title).  They can also be used when transferring property between family members or when adding or removing a person from the title.  A Quit Claim Deed provides NO GUARANTEE that the Grantor has any ownership interest in the property or that the Grantee is receiving any ownership interest.  When a Grantor signs a Quit Claim Deed the Grantor is transferring any ownership interest the Grantor has at the moment they sign the document and nothing else.

WARRANTY DEED: A warranty deed is commonly used in a traditional real estate transaction where the Grantee is buying the property from the Grantor.  When a Grantor signs a warranty deed the Grantor is providing a GUARANTEE that the Grantor currently has full ownership of the property and is transferring that ownership to the Grantee.  If, for any reason, the Grantor does not have full ownership at the time of signature, the Grantor is guaranteeing that the Grantee will receive full ownership.

LADY BIRD DEED: Also known as an enhanced life estate deed.  This type of deed is used as part of the estate planning process to transfer real property to the Grantor's trust immediately upon the death of the Grantor.  It allows the Grantor to continue to use, manage, mortgage or transfer the property prior to the Grantor's death, but if the Grantor still owns the property at death, the property will automatically transfer into the trust upon the Grantor's death.

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Grantor Information

The Grantor is the person who is transferring some or all of their interest in the property.  In a typical transaction, this is the Seller.

Who will be signing the documents for the Grantor?

Grantee/Trust Information

With a Lady Bird Deed the Grantee (recipient) is a trust agreement.  We will need the following information about the Trust.

Who will be signing the documents for the Trust?

Grantee Information

The Grantee is the person or entity that is receiving the property.  In a typical transaction, this is the buyer.

Who will be signing the documents for the Grantee?

Information About the Property

The Legal Description can be found on the deed or the title insurance paperwork for the property. Generally a shortened version of the legal description is on the property tax bill. If your description is very long, you can upload a copy of the deed or other document containing the description.

Upload a copy of the deed, title insurance or other file that contains the legal description.

This is usually a 12 digit number that can be found on your tax bill.

Terms of the Sale

Purchase Price: This is the amount being paid for the property.  You must put something here.  If it is a gift, or no money is changing hands, put $1.00. 

Closing Costs

Who will pay the following costs?

Is This A Primary Residence?

Payment Information

Payment Information

Billing Address

Shipping Address

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