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Certificate of Trust: $59.00

WHAT IS A CERTIFICATE OF TRUST?  A Certificate of Trust is a summary of important information about your trust.  If you already have a trust and need to update your Certificate of Trust Existence.  You can use our simple online form to provide the information that will allow us to draft an updated Certificate of Trust Existence for you.

WHO CAN SIGN THE CERTIFICATE?  Only the creator of the trust (called the "Grantor" or "Trustor") or the attorney for the trust can sign the Certificate of Trust Existence.  A Trustee who is not also a Grantor or Trustor is not qualified to sign the Certificate.

WHY WOULD I NEED TO UPDATE THE CERTIFICATE?  You will need a new Certificate of Trust Existence if one or more of your Trustees has died, or if the trust is buying or selling real estate or if  your Certificate of Trust Existence hasn't be updated in a while.  A Certificate of Trust Existence only shows the current status of your trust.  It is NOT a way to change or update the trust itself.